Subject to pier review

When your life is all upside down and all around does not seem to make any sense !! Open your heart to Jesus and He will open your eyes to His beautiful creation and that of His true character thus confirming the truth of the bible as we read in;   Colossians 1:16 For by […]

Seeking for Truth – My Testimony

Seeking for truth.   Back in my youth my friends and I looking for adventure decided to trace the source of the village stream  following its course until it met the mighty river Thames which in turn would ultimately flow through England’s capital of London then finally on its journey all the way out to […]

A picture is worth a thousand words

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words!!” What then must a picture of heaven be worth? It is one of eternal value to all who contemplate it’s unparalleled beauty as revealed in the scriptures, that is unspoiled by sinful man, only those redeemed by God’s only son, Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Saviour […]